Silky Super Accel 8-1/3

Silky Super Accel 8-1/3" (210mm) Folding Pruning Saw (Large Teeth)

Silky Pocketboy 6-3/4

Silky Pocketboy 6-3/4" (170mm) Straight Folding Pruning Saw (Large Teeth)

Silky Tsurugi 11-1/2" (300mm) Straight Blade Pruning Saw 450-30

SKY 45030
The distinctive narrow blade enables Tsurugi to work efficiently even where branches are very close together and it also reduces resistance when cutting. The blade is narrow but extremely strong because of the wide gauge and the use of special alloy steel. The precision-ground, razor-sharp teeth provide fast, clean and extremely smooth cutting action with reduced effort. The blade is mono-constructed giving strength and flexibility to the full length of the saw. Holding that blade securely in the sheath may be a concern. Silky addressed that with their special lock system. The shoulders on the grip make the Tsurugi sit firmly in the sheath and prevent it falling out. The sheath is equipped with six rollers to reduce wear and tear when the saw is drawn or sheathed. The non-slip rubberized grip absorbs vibration and directs more usable energy to the cutting edge. The blade can be easily replaced without the need for any unscrewing.
Shipping Weight 2.2 lbs.

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Tsurugi Available Sizes
  • SKY 45220 - 200mm (7.87") - Medium Teeth 8.5 tpi
  • SKY 45230 - 300mm (11.8") - Medium Teeth 8.5 tpi
  • SKY 45240 - 400mm (15.74") - Medium Teeth 8.5 tpi
  • SKY 45020 - 200mm (7.87") - Large Teeth 6.8 tpi
  • SKY 45030 - 300mm (11.8") - Large Teeth 6.8 tpi
  • SKY 45040 - 400mm (15.74") - Large Teeth 6.8 tpi

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