Silky Sugoi 16-1/2

Silky Sugoi 16-1/2" (420mm) Curved Pruning Saw & Scabbard (Extra Large Teeth)

Silky Tsurugi 11-1/2

Silky Tsurugi 11-1/2" (300mm) Straight Blade Pruning Saw 450-30

Silky Super Accel 8-1/3" (210mm) Folding Pruning Saw (Large Teeth)

SKY 11921
The Silky Super Accel 8-1/3" (210mm) Folding Pruning Saw (Large Teeth) is lightweight specifically designed for aggressive cutting needs. Utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology. The precision-ground, razor-sharp teeth have four cutting angles along the length of the blade and provide fast, clean and smooth cutting action. Blade easily and securely locks into two different angle positions for easy cutting. Use the first position for most cutting jobs. On occasion, the second flush cutting position proves invaluable in confined or unusual situations. Comfortable, rubberized aluminum, pistol-grip handle is easy to grasp especially on the pull-stroke when a greater cutting force is needed. Rated as one of the finest folding hand saws available on the market today, the SUPER ACCEL has consistently been a popular choice of arborists and gardeners worldwide. Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Suitable for all pruning tasks and outdoor activities.
Shipping Weight 0.5 lbs.

In stock
Teeth Per Inch 6.5
Blade Length 8-1/3" (210mm)
Blade Thickness 1.3mm
Weight 0.45 lb (200g)
Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty against material and manufacturing defects.
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