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King Arthur's Holey Galahad 4

King Arthur's Holey Galahad 4" Round Carbide Carving Disc (7/8" Bore) Coarse 47851

King Arthur's Galahad CG 4-1/2

King Arthur's Galahad CG 4-1/2" Round Carbide Carving Disc (7/8" Bore) Medium 11024

King Arthur's Lancelot 4" Wood Carving Discs (5/8" Bore) 22 Tooth Fine 45822

KAT 45822
Professional wood carving discs from King Arthur's Tools. The Lancelot is a very popular angle grinder carving attachment tool. These carving blades are made with a full house chainsaw chain rim, giving them a smooth and consistant cutting action that is easily sharpened with a 5/32" round chainsaw file. The saw chain is secured by two steel plates that allow the chain to slip if you happen to impact something hard, like a nail or wire. This gives the Lancelot a major safety feature that virtually elimanates kickback and binding. Lancelot wood carving blades come in 2 different arbor sizes that fit most 4" and 4-1/2" angle grinders (King Artur's does not recommend mounting the Lancelot on angle grinders that don't have a constant pressure kill switch for obvious safety reasons). They come in 2 different chain sizes, 22 tooth fine tooth or 14 tooth coarse tooth. The fine tooth size is best for detailed work, while the coarse tooth size is best for rapid wood removal, cutting and general shaping.
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