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Council Tool Classic Jersey Axe (3.5 lbs) with 36

Council Tool Classic Jersey Axe (3.5 lbs) with 36" Straight Handle Sport Utility Finish

Council Tool Dayton Axe (5 lbs) with 28

Council Tool Dayton Axe (5 lbs) with 28" Straight Handle

Council Tool Dayton Miner's Axe (3.5 lbs) with 26" Straight Handle

Top quality axe from Council Tools. Council has been making hand tools since 1886, and they set the standard for quality and design. The Dayton Miner's axe is perfect for most chopping and felling duties, and the design originates from the Dayton, Ohio area. The Dayton Miner's axe has a short handle for working in close quarters, such as an underground mine, hence the name. This axe comes with a straight 26" American Hickory handle, which will stow easily in small compartments. The axe head is drop forged and tempered to Rc 48-55 which exceeds ANSI standards, and painted with red enamel and clear lacquer to deter rust. Hickory handle is dried below 10% moisture content during installation to minimize shrinkage and loosening.
Shipping Weight 5.3 lbs.

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