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Council Tool Dayton Miner's Axe (3.5 lbs) with 26

Council Tool Dayton Miner's Axe (3.5 lbs) with 26" Straight Handle

Council Tool Velvicut American Felling Axe (4 lbs) with 36

Council Tool Velvicut American Felling Axe (4 lbs) with 36" Curved Handle

Council Tool Dayton Axe (5 lbs) with 28" Straight Handle

The Council Tool Dayton 5 lb Fallers Axe is a single bit axe with a 28” straight wooden handle. This mid-sized felling axe is perfect for general axe chores including driving wedges. Cutting edge is approximately 5″ of overall length and the poll is square. The newly designed head has a larger poll, balanced head and wedge shaped balde with chamferred poll. Longer poll for balance, and a larger surface area, including chamfered poll corners, so that it does not cause excessive damage while driving HDPE plastic felling wedges. Balanced head from front to back, with the center of mass within the eye, which reduces head-roll/blade-drop. Convex bevels/bit. Doubles as a splitting axe, using a wedge-shaped blade, with a high centerline, to help keep the axe head from sticking while splitting. Axe head is coated with red enamel and cutting edge in clear lacquer to deter rust. It is also hydraulically seated onto handle and secured with a serrated aluminum wedge. The serrated shape improves bite size, and the aluminum choice of material is strong, lightweight and does not change size with moisture content. The American hickory handle is dried below 10% moisture content during installation to minimize shrinkage and loosening. ANSI Standards call for bit hardness of Rc 45-60, at least ½ inch back from the cutting edge. Council Tool’s internal standards call for tempered bit hardness of Rc 48-55 and they target 1-1/4 inches from the cutting edge. The poll and eye walls are not hardened and remain in the as forged condition. Made in USA.
Shipping Weight 9.0 lbs.

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Head Material Forged Tool Steel
Head Weight 5 lbs
Bit Length 4-3/4” From Toe-To-Heel
Overall Head Length 7-3/8” From Bit-To-Poll
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