Teufelberger 4m Sirius MultiANCHOR

Teufelberger 4m Sirius MultiANCHOR

Teufelberger 48

Teufelberger 48" FimblSaver Adjustable Cambium Saver

Teufelberger Pulleysaver 2.5M

The climbing rope moves with the usual ease on the PINTO pulley. The resilient eye which facilitates the retrieval of the pulleySAVER returns to its original position even after a thousand cycles. And the pulleySAVER comes with the patented TEUFELBERGERR.

The attachment as anchor point on a tree can be implemented in three different configurations:

  • As a swinging element in a double strand configuration
  • As a choke hitch, wrapped in a double strand configuration
  • Constricted in a double strand configuration.
Shipping Weight 1.6 lbs.

  • Small Pinto pulley instead of the big one
  • Lightweight, easier to pull from the ground
  • DMM pull-off cone is optimized for application and carries well-known DMM quality.
  • Diameter: 1/2" (12mm)
  • Min. Breaking Strength: 5,508 lbs.

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