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Simonds 7.2

Simonds 7.2" x 4" x 1/2" Chipper Knife for Bandit/Carlton (Replaces 900-9902-00) 19071660

WoodlandPRO 5-1/8

WoodlandPRO 5-1/8" x 4-1/2" x 1/2" Chipper Knife for Bandit, Carlton (Replaces 900-9901-19)

Simonds 10-1/2" X 4-3/16" X 1/2" Chipper Knife for Morbark Chippers (Replaces 39233-774) 23981

SIM 23981
Simonds chipper knives have set the industry standard for quality. Simonds chipper knives are manufactured in Big Rapids, Michigan using state of the art equipment. Chipper knives are made of A8 modified steel, giving their chipper knives the best balance of abrasion resistance, cutting edge retention and impact resistance of any material available today. Each knife goes through a heat treat process that allows them to control the hardness of the cutting edge while maintaining the softer, more ductile, center very accurately.
Shipping Weight 10.0 lbs.

In stock
Length 10-1/2" (266mm)
Width 4-3/16" (106mm)
Thickness 1/2" (12.7mm)
Bevel Angle 32 Degrees
Bolt Hole Size 3/4" (19mm)
Replaces Morbark Part Number 39233-774
This item fits the following:

Morbark: Eeger Beever 2230 (20" Drum Chipper with Babbit Knives), Model 18 Hurricane (18" Drum with Babbit Knives), Beever M20R Brush Chipper (20" Drum with Babbit Knives), Model 20/36 Drum Chipper (with Babbit Knives), Model 2400 Drum Chipper (with Babbit Knives), Model 30/36 Drum Chipper (Babbit Knives), Model 40/36 Drum Chipper (Babbit Knives), Model 50/48 Drum Chipper (Babbit Knives), Model 60/36 Drum Chipper (Babbit Knives)
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