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Pferd 8

Pferd 8" Smooth Cut Round Chainsaw File (7/32") Dozen

Pferd 8" Smooth Cut Round Chainsaw File (7/32")

17078 DZ
Maintain your chainsaw chain like a pro with this top quality German made file. Pferd precision spiral cut chain saw files are designed for discerning professionals who require the ultimate finish on their saw chain. These files cut slower than Pferd classic cut files, but they leave a super smooth, razor sharp edge on the cutter. They are not recommended for beginners, especially if you need to remove a large amount of material. Files are approximately 8" long, excluding tang.
$2.69 - $22.99

Shipping Weight 0.2 lbs.

Shipping Weight 2.4 lbs.

In stock
In stock
In stock
More Information
File Type Round Files
File Size Recommendations
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