Tecomec Bench Mounted Mini Chain Grinder (120 Volt)

Tecomec Bench Mounted Mini Chain Grinder (120 Volt)

Maxx Bench Mounted Chain Grinder (120 Volt)

The Italian-made MAXX grinder allows bi-directional grinding because it's designed with a head that tilts left and right (90 degrees to 50 degrees) and a table that's fully symmetrical. Unlike other grinders, this unique design allows you to get the same results on both left and right hand cutters. The automatic chain clamping mechanism is activated when the head is lowered. Additional features include a built-in light and cast aluminum base, head and table (no structural plastic). It will clamp anywhere from .043 gauge chain to .080 without the 3/4 adapter. May require slight adjustments by the operator to the head position and chain position to achieve desired result.

Grinding Wheels (1/8, 3/16 and 1/4)
(1) Wheel Dressing Brick
(1) 3/4" Pitch Adapter
(1) Instruction Manual
was $389.99 Now $369.99
Shipping Weight 22.0 lbs.

In stock
Power Output 120VAC, 60Hz
Amps 2.8
RPM 3200
Motor Type Direct Drive

Replacement Wheels
45510 1/8" Wheel (1/4", .325 and Low Profile)
45511 3/16" Wheel (.375 and .404)
45512 1/4" Wheel (Depth Gauge)
1 Year Warranty
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