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Logrite 16

Logrite 16" Swivel Skidding Tongs

Logrite 25

Logrite 25" Swivel Skidding Tongs

Logrite 25" Ring Skidding Tongs

Logrite skidding tongs are designed to grab and hold logs and poles for skidding or dragging. Our tongs are made from CrMo steel so they are lighter and stronger. All parts are heat treated and zinc plated. The ring offers the user more options to attach the tongs: winch hook, strap with a shackle, or choker chain. WARNING: Skidding tongs are designed for pulling or dragging. They are not load rated and should NOT be used for lifting.
Shipping Weight 24.0 lbs.

In stock
Length 26"
Ring Size 4"
Minimum Opening 5"
Maximum Opening 25"
Weight 10 lbs
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