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Timber Tuff All-in-One Deluxe Adjustable Timber Jack

Timber Tuff All-in-One Deluxe Adjustable Timber Jack

LogOX Hauler

LOX 1001

The patented LogOX Hauler makes tree work faster, safer, and easier with its back-saving ergonomic design and amazing versatility. This revolutionary tool allows you to engage, lift, and move log rounds and branches, all without bending over. This not only reduces the strain on your body, but it also saves time and reduces fatigue throughout the day to increase your productivity.

Its ergonomic design delivers an undeniable mechanical advantage, but unlike flimsy timber tongs, you can lift or drag as large of a log round with the LogOX Hauler as you’re usually physically capable of doing by hand.

The LogOX Hauler now features a ½” longer hardwood cross handle to comfortably accommodate larger hands and/or heavy work gloves. With its ergonomic wooden cross handle and outstanding hook design, is also a superior cant hook to use for rolling smaller diameter logs. Especially on portable sawmill and firewood processor decks.

Part number for complete kit: LOX 1003

Shipping Weight 11.0 lbs.

In stock
The LogOX Holster (LOX 1013) makes a great addition to the hauler, quickly freeing your hands to operate machinery.
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