Kubinec Bulk 3/4

Kubinec Bulk 3/4" Poly Strapping (Box of 2 Coils)

Kubinec 3/4" Poly Strapping Kit

KSS 1000
This high-tenacity woven polyester strapping, gives you a cost effective and safe alternative to steel banding. Secured with a joint-efficiency buckle, this strapping is specifically designed for lumber and truss applications. This system is tested and proven to dramatically reduce the potential for product damage and personal injury. Kubinec's 3/4" poly strapping has a breaking strength of 2,700 lbs (approximately the same as 3/4" x .025 high tensile steel banding). This strapping comes in a handy, low cost kit, complete with instructions.
Shipping Weight 16.0 lbs.

In stock
Kit includes the following:
  • 3/4" x 250ft coil of strapping
  • Box of 100 buckles
  • Manual tensioning tool
  • Manual strapping cutter
  • A handy duffle bag
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