Husqvarna T525 (27cc) Top Handle Chainsaw with 12

Husqvarna T525 (27cc) Top Handle Chainsaw with 12" Bar & Chain

Echo CS-355T (35.8cc) Top Handle Chainsaws

Echo CS-355T (35.8cc) Top Handle Chainsaws

Husqvarna T535 IXP (40V) Top Handle Battery Powered Chainsaw with 12" Bar & Chain

The Husqvarna T535 IXP (40V) Top Handle Battery Powered Chainsaw is designed for professional users who want a lightweight, efficient, extremely easy-to-use top handle chainsaw. Perfect for arborists. It is is designed for all-day, every-day trimming and pruning, fast acceleration and superior balance. Husqvarna professional battery series chainsaws offer gasoline performance in a battery-driven motor, giving you a unique combination of high efficiency and clean operation. You eliminate direct emissions and get less noise, lower vibrations and minimized maintenance. Over the lifetime of the equipment, the total cost of a high performance battery machine can be less than an equivalent gas powered unit. While initial up front costs may be a bit more, without continuous fuel costs, the overall expenditure can be lower with reduced maintenance cost. No bad fuel or dirt ingestion causing carburetor or engine repairs. Battery and charger sold separately.
Shipping Weight 13.0 lbs.

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Length 12" (30cm)
Pitch 3/8" Low Profile (Picco)
Gauge .043" (1.1mm) Narrow Kerf
Drive Link Count 45 Drive Links
Motor Type BLDC (Brushless)
Chain Speed Normal Mode/savE Mode ft/s 65.69/49.2
Max Runtime w/savE Activated (Free Run*) 50 minutes (*No Load. Cutting Equipment Only)
Standard Cutting Equipment 12" Laminate Bar 3/8 pitch - .043 gauge
Weight Including/Excluding Battery 8.2 lbs / 5.3 lbs
Typical Charging Time 80%/100% 35 minutes / 50 minutes
Battery & Charger Sold Separately BLi200 (36V/5.2Ah) / QC330 (36 Volt)

Two eyelets make it easy to connect to the rope and the climbing harness.
High chain speed and optimal cutting performance.
Operated using an intuitive keypad. Extremely easy to start and stop. Just push a button.
Lightweight and comfortably balanced for best ergonomics.
Low vibration - Low noise
Angled front handle for better grip and natural working position.
Smooth speed transition.
Visible oil level
WARNING: This saw chain may be capable of kickback that could result in serious injury to the chainsaw operator or bystanders. Do not use this chain unless you have experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback. Saw chain with reduced kickback potential is available.
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