WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Chap 2

WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Chap 2" Replacement Waist Buckle

Husqvarna Functional Apron Chainsaw Chaps (36

Husqvarna Functional Apron Chainsaw Chaps (36" Length)

Husqvarna Classic Chainsaw Chaps (36" Length)

HVA 587 16 07 01
Economical chainsaw protective chaps from Husqvarna. Husqvarna classic homeowner chainsaw chaps are designed to reduce the risk or severity of injury to your front leg area in the case of a cutting mishap. The chap cover material is made from 600 denier polyester with a PVC coating. 5 layers of TEK Wrap material make up the cut resistant pad. These chaps come with a felling wedge pocket and Acetal Delrin buckles for attachment. Husqvarna chainsaw chaps are UL certified to ASTM standards. Designed to wash in cold water mild detergent (no chlorine bleach) & hang to dry. Adjustable waist size up to 36". Overall chap length is 36" from waist to ankle.
Shipping Weight 5.0 lbs.

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Overall Length 36"
Pad Overall Length 30"
Adjustable Waist Belt Size Up to 38"
Cover Material 600 Denier Polyester with PVC Coating
Cut Resistant Material 5 Layer TEK Warp

UL Certified in Accordance with ASTM F1414-13
Meets ASTM F1897-2008 Leg Protection for Chain Saw Users
Meets OSHA Regulation 1910-266 for Logging Operations
Meets ANSI Z133.1 2012 Standards for Tree Care Operations

Chainsaw Chap Fitment Information
Chainsaw chaps are not sized the same way your pants are. Chainsaw chaps are measured from the top of your belt down to the ankle area. Just hook a tape measure in your trousers and go to the top of your foot. Chainsaw chaps should be properly fitted with the adjustable buckles. They should be worn snug, not loose or tight

Chainsaw Pant & Chap Safety Information
Chainsaw protective pants and chaps are not represented as a shield against damage, but as an aid to help prevent more severe damage in extreme cases. Chainsaw protective pants and chaps contain material designed to reduce the risk or severity of an injury, and give the operator extra reaction time when contact is made by a moving saw chain. The cut retardant material is designed to "pull" apart and clog up the sprocket system of a gas powered chainsaw and slow or stop the chain from rotating depending on the speed of the chain, length and angle of contact and the power of the saw. Protective pants and chaps should never be considered safer than proper and correct chainsaw handling safety procedures. Chainsaw pants and chaps are designed for gas powered chainsaws and will not stop the sprocket on most electric powered chainsaws.
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