Husqvarna 540i XP (40V) Battery Powered Chainsaw with 14

Husqvarna 540i XP (40V) Battery Powered Chainsaw with 14" Bar & Chain

Husqvarna 350i Power Axe Battery Powered Chainsaw with 18

Husqvarna 350i Power Axe Battery Powered Chainsaw with 18" Bar & Chain (Battery & Charger Included)

Husqvarna 540i XP (40V) Battery Powered Chainsaws

HVFP 540i XP
HVF 540 LIXP 14
HVF 540 LIXP 16
Husqvarna 540i XP is a powerful and efficient battery-powered chainsaw, equivalent to a 40cc pro gas saw when fitted with a BLi300 battery. It’s ideal for removal of small and mid-sized trees where you need smooth and efficient cuts. Designed for professionally oriented users who want a lightweight, high performance rear-handle chainsaw. Delivers all the benefits of battery power without compromising cutting performance. The integrated connectivity makes it easy to keep track of usage stats, service history and last known location in the Husqvarna Fleet Services™ app. Includes Husqvarna X-Precision Chainsaw Bar & X-Cut Chainsaw Chain Loop. Battery and charger sold separately.
$639.99 - $649.99

Shipping Weight 9.4 lbs.

Shipping Weight 9.4 lbs.

In stock
In stock
In stock
More Information
Pitch 3/8" (.375")
Gauge .050" (1.3mm)
Motor Type BLDC (Brushless)
Chain Speed Normal Mode/savE Mode ft/s 65.62/49.2
Max Runtime w/savE Activated (Free Run*) 50 minutes (*No Load Cutting Equipment Only)
Standard Cutting Equipment X-Precision Chainsaw Bar & X-Cut Chainsaw Chain Loop 
Weight Including/Excluding Battery & Cutting Equipment 9.4 lbs / 6.39 lbs
Typical Charging Time 80%/100% 35 minutes / 50 minutes
Battery & Charger Sold Separately BLi300 (36V/9.4Ah) / QC500 (36 Volt)

Two eyelets make it easy to connect to the rope and the climbing harness.
High chain speed and optimal cutting performance.
Operated using an intuitive keypad. Extremely easy to start and stop. Just push a button.
Lightweight and comfortably balanced for best ergonomics.
Low vibration - Low noise
Angled front handle for better grip and natural working position.
Smooth speed transition.
Visible oil level with flip-up tank cap.
Inertia activated chain brake reduces likelihood of kickback.
savE .. 2 modes of operation for maximum power or maximum runtime.
Weatherproof (IPX 4) fulfils the calssification for rain resistance. Reliable all year round.
WARNING: This saw chain may be capable of kickback that could result in serious injury to the chainsaw operator or bystanders. Do not use this chain unless you have experience and specialized training for dealing with kickback. Saw chain with reduced kickback potential is available.
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