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GWM 30HP 3-Phase Converter RTG-286

GWM 30HP 3-Phase Converter RTG-286

GWM 10HP 3-Phase Converter RTG-215

GWM 10HP 3-Phase Converter RTG-215

GWM 15HP 3-Phase Converter RTG-254

RTG 254
Totally-Enclosed Fan-Cooled ROTOGEN (RTG-Series) cast-iron rotary models are rain- and dust-tight and rodent-proof and are ETL-Listed. All GWM Rotary Converters feature an Industry Exclusive Unconditional Lifetime Warranty against rotor failure.
Economically-priced DP-Series Open, Drip-Proof cast-iron rotary models operate quietly in clean indoor applications. You may operate single or multiple motors, transformers, and resistance loads at 100% power in a broad range of applications.

Phase converters will not change voltage. The single-phase input voltage is the same as the 3-phase output. Specify operating voltage when ordering: 208/230 or 440/480 volts 50/60 Hz. This is the cost-effective way to produce 3-phase metered at cheaper single-phase rates, and electrical efficiency above 95%. All models run cool and quiet, and may be left idling for long periods without overheating. Complete easy-to-follow instructions furnished.
Every 100 amps of single-phase supply will operate about 18 hp of 3-phase motors (@230 volts). NEC (1993) Requirements: Add the amps of all your 3-phase equipment (excluding the converter) and multiply the total times 2.5 for the single-phase service amperage requirements.
The "minimum 1-Phase Service" for each model Rotary is the service entrance minimum at the address where the converter is operated-not the amps to be dedicated strictly to the converter. This requirement ensures that enough power is available to handle motor and phase converter starting demands. Also confirm that your building service has an adequately-sized utility transformer for your loads. A number is usually stencilled on the side of the transformer and may be read from the ground. A 200 amp service should have at least a 25 or 37.5 kVA transformer, a 400 amp service-50 or 75 kVA. You will need 1 kVA for every 1 HP of fully-loaded 3-phase motors you wish to operate at one time, in addition to the kVA for the other loads in the system. Your electrician or local power company can help figure the requirement, or call us with a list of your 3-phase loads.
Shipping Weight 300.0 lbs.

Please contact our Industrial Sales Group at 1-888-465-8227 for ordering and shipping information.

  • Rotary Frame/Model: 254
  • Actual Rotary HP Rating: 115
  • Largest Starting Load??: Light - 12, Normal - 7.5, Tough - 5
  • Average Mulit-Motor Load**: 24
  • Motor Load Largest/Smallest: 12/1.5
  • Rotary Disconnect Fuse(s): 40
  • Minimum 1-Phase Service Entrance: 80
  • Shipping Weight: 2985

?? Increased load difficulty requires a larger rotary relative to that starting load. To determine your largest starting load's category (A, B or C) see the General Application Guide on Pages 18-21.
** Presumes that not all motors are heavily loaded at the same time. Heavily-loaded applications may require a capacitor (Kilogen) module (see Page 16) on one or more heavily-loaded motors.

Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty against material and manufacturing defects.
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