Greenteeth Stump Grinder Set (900 Series with 8 Teeth) for 1/2

Greenteeth Stump Grinder Set (900 Series with 8 Teeth) for 1/2" Wheel - TT9 080012

Greenteeth Stump Grinder Set (900 Series with 40 Teeth) for 1" Wheel - TT9 362210

TT9 362210
Complete set of teeth for your machine. Greenteeth stump cutting teeth give you the ultimate in stump grinding performance. If you're spending time battling stripped allen bolts, broken and bent teeth, as well as changing teeth too often, take a look at this solution. The Greenteeth design is superior because you just replace the carbide cutting teeth, not the whole pocket. They can also be rotated twice to expose a total of 3 fresh cutting surfaces, allowing even more cutting life from each tooth. Greenteeth are designed to fit on all cutting wheels that use standard or heavy-duty teeth and pockets. No gauging required! This set includes everything you need to change out your existing set, including Wearsharp teeth, pockets and bolts.
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This Set Includes the Following:
Greenteeth 900 Series Angled Pockets (900LP ANG)
Quantity 36
Greenteeth 900 Series Straight Pockets (900LP STR) Quantity 4
Greenteeth 900 Series Wearsharp Teeth (900WS) Quantity 40
Greenteeth 2-1/2" LoPro Bolts for 1" Wheel (SMB 250) Quantity 40
Green-Seize Anti-Seize 8oz Quantity 1
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