ArborMAX 7/16

ArborMAX 7/16" Cherry Bomb II 24-Strand Adjustable Friction Savers

Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolo 120cm

Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolo 120cm

Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolo 90cm

EDL CS 83791 90
Edelrid Cambiumsaver Bicolo 90cm was developed especially for tree care use. It is a mobile sling anchor and belay anchor for climbing ropes. The differently colored aluminum rings and dual-colored webbing allow quick and easy rigging and removal from the ground. Wide webbing prevents the Cambiumsaver from twisting. It has large and small eyelets for ropes with spliced ends (splice is attached to the small eyelet)
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Color Green
Length: 35.5"(90cm)
Load Capacity: 25kN
Large Ring Diameter: 40mm/64mm (inside/outside)
Small Ring Diameter: 28mm/53mm (inside/outside)
Certifications: EN 354, EN 795-B
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