Conway Cleveland Lumber/Board 4-Line Rule (Shaft 1

Conway Cleveland Lumber/Board 4-Line Rule (Shaft 1" x 36" Long)

Conway Cleveland Lumber/Board 3-Line Rule (Shaft 7/8" x 36" Long)

This rule is made for measuring the board foot volume of dried lumber. The stick has a flexible hickory shaft and hardened stainless steel head with sharpened pre-bent points for grabbing lumber. The first 6" from head is graduated to inches and eighths for measuring lumber thickness. Walnut wedge handle. Two scale configurations are offered. The 3-line type has figures for measuring 12'', 14'' and 16'' lengths on one side and 8'', 10'', 18'' on the other. The 4-line has 10'', 12'', 14'', 16'' and 9'', 11'', 13'', 15''. Lines do not run the entire length of the rule.
Shipping Weight 0.5 lbs.

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