Boxer Skid Hoe Swing W68

Boxer Skid Hoe Swing W68" Reach 67" Dig (No Bucket)

Boxer Bowl Cement (Pd48) Bi-Direction

BXA 29514 901
Where the Boxer goes, so can your concrete mixing bowl. It's the right tool for hard to reach areas for fence installation, concrete repair (ie. sidewalks, driveways etc.). Though you'll need the high-torque auger drive shaft (29513-547) for operation you'll wonder what you did without it. Though the unit has the space for 4.8 cu. ft. it also enjoys an actual mixing capacity of 3.2 cu.ft. Bi-directional rotation offers a choice in mixing directions depending where your materials are located. Quickly change between drilling and mixing with your Boxer.
Shipping Weight 120.0 lbs.

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