Log Wizard 6201-2Rs Bearing

Log Wizard 6201-2Rs Bearing

Simpson Capstan 5/16

Simpson Capstan 5/16" Double Braided Poly Dacron Rope

Yoke Alloy Eye Hoist Hook

Y8 173 03
This Yoke alloy eye hoist hook for winchlines is manufactured from the finest quality alloy steel. It is quenched, tempered and are 100% magnaflux crack detected. Predrilled to accept YOKE latch kits. All parts with batch number for quality certified and traceability. Hook Code BB to JJ proof tested to 2.5 times of 4:1 WLL as G100 components. They are 20,000 cycle fatigue rated to 1.5 times of 4:1 WLL, Hook Code AA and KK to 1.5 times of 5:1 WLL.
Shipping Weight 1.5 lbs.

In stock
Grade 100
Working Load Limit 3 Ton
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