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Teufelberger 5/8" Multiline II 3-Strand Bull Rope

Yale 5/8

Yale 5/8" XTC 12-Strand Bull Rope

Yale 5/8" PolyDyne Double Braid Bull Rope

58PD 150
58PD 200
58PD 600
Yale Polydyne is a high grade bull rope, designed for demanding rigging conditions. Polydyne looks just like all other double braid bull ropes, but the unique design allows you to drop bigger wood, increasing productivity. Polydyne has a much higher working energy absorption rating, meaning you can do more to the rope without damaging it. The cover of this double braid rope is the same as other high quality coated double braids, but the core is unique. The Polydyne core is made of high tenacity tire grade nylon. This nylon provides the energy absorption advantage and allows the rope to stretch more in its early load cycle. The results allow Polydyne to handle heavier loads than similar sized bull ropes.

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Shipping Weight 20.0 lbs.

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Shipping Weight 102.0 lbs.

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More Information
Rope Type Bull Rope
Average Breaking Strength 18,000lbs
WLL 4,500lbs
Weight per 100' 12.9lbs
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