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Teufelberger 1/2

Teufelberger 1/2" Braided Safety Blue Hi-Vee 16-Strand Climbing Rope

Yale 1/2

Yale 1/2" XTC Spearmint 16-Strand Climbing Rope

Yale 1/2" XTC Plus 16-Strand Climbing Rope

12XTP 150
12XTP 200
12XTP 600
Professional arborist climbing rope from Yale. XTC Plus is the red/white version of their popular XTC climbing lines. This rope is designed specifically for the demanding needs of the professional arborist. XTC product line family is an all polyester construction with a firm 16 strand braided cover over bundled parallel polyester core strands. The design of XTC does not allow cover milking and eliminates the need for break-in cover adjustment. This firmly flexible heat-resistant rope offers a high snag resistance and excellent mating with friction knots and prusik loops. A high twist core of torque balanced polyester keeps the construction firm and round, providing an extra measure of safety. XTC is an excellent choice for both climbing line and bull rope due to its non-snagging, abrasion-resistant construction and excellent energy absorption characteristics.

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More Information
Rope Type Climbing
Rope Construction 16-strand with parallel core
Core Fiber Polyester
Cover Fiber Polyester
Diameter 1/2" (13mm)
Weight 7.5lbs/100ft (11.3kg/100m)
Elongation at 10% of ABS 2.2%
Spliced Average Breaking Strength 6,200lbs (2,800kg)*

*Published breaking strengths are spliced rope strengths to enable a better understanding of actual working strengths.

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