Wallingfords 3/8

Wallingfords 3/8" Chain Choker Log Slide

WoodlandPRO 3/8" Chain Choker System

Complete chain choker system from WoodlandPRO. Chain chokers are common in New England for skidding logs in rocky conditions, which commonly kink and fray wire rope chokers quickly. Our chain choker system has everything you need for skidding, including a log slide, grab hook, hammerlock, chain choker and hook. Our 3/8" chain choker system is designed to be used with 5/8" and 3/4" winchlines. Chain is made of grade 80 alloy steel. Minor assembly required.
WARNING: Chain chokers are for skidding only. NOT to be used for overhead lifting.
Shipping Weight 19.4 lbs.

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System Includes:
Choker Chain 3/8" x 8' US Made Grade 80 Alloy (7,100 lbs WLL)
Hammerlok 3/8" US Made Alloy Steel (7,100 lbs WLL)
Choker Hook Bolt Type US Made Alloy Steel (7,300 lbs WLL)
Log Grab US Made Alloy Steel (7,300 lbs WLL)
Log Slide US Made Alloy Steel
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