Soil Cultivator 3.25 Carbon Steel 4 Prong Head

Soil Cultivator 3.25 Carbon Steel 4 Prong Head

Corona 19

Corona 19" Leaf Rake with Aluminum Handle - Box of 6

Weeding Hoe 10" Stainless Steel Head

Zenport J613S super rust resistant stainless steel garden hoe for weeding, breaking up compacted soil and roots, and trenching. Features super tough construction and an overall length of 10-inches. This Japanese style hand cultivator and weeding hoe is precisely balanced for one-handed use. Super strong and tough, professional, hand selected white oak wood treated handle. The exceptional durability and strength of this product has made it a choice for miners and prospectors, as well as gardeners.
Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs.

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Ships in 7-10 Days
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