Silky Tsurugi 330MM Replacement Blade (Medium Teeth)

Silky Tsurugi 330MM Replacement Blade (Medium Teeth)

Fanno 18

Fanno 18" Curved Saw Blade FI-HH17s-B

Weaver #27 Curved Leather Saw Scabbard 08-02001


Durably-constructed scabbards hold a wide range of larger saws.

  • Crafted from top grain steer hide harness leather with a snap hook.
  • A 3/8" nylon washer at blade entry point helps protect stitching, welt and saw teeth from wear.
  • Dee on back for easy attachment to work belt or saddle.
  • Handy, large openings on the side and bottom for easy cleanout.
  • Nickel plated snaps and dees.
  • The #27 style will hold the Fanno #22, #24, #K-24 and #FI-2200, Corona® #RS 7160, Nicholson #14N, Bartlett Mfg. #127 (26"), #114 (26") and #124 (26"), Seymour Smith #624 and others.

Shipping Weight 0.9 lbs.

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