Halverson HWP-130 Skid Steer Firewood Processor

Halverson HWP-130 Skid Steer Firewood Processor

Timberwolf TW-12C Firewood Conveyor

The TW-12C firewood conveyor features an 18" rough top flat or paddle belt, an Easy-Start Honda GC engine, and the hydraulic top drum drive. The combination of the Honda engine and top drum makes it much easier to start in cold weather, because you're only turning over the engine when you start the machine-not the entire belt system. A heavy-duty steel frame supports the two-ply polyester Rough TopT belting (1" T-cleats are optional). The hydraulic top drum drive gives operators greater convenience...simply stop and back up the conveyor belt for easy handling or larger chunks that need re-splitting.
Shipping Weight 500.0 lbs.

Please contact our Industrial Sales Group at 1-888-465-8227 for ordering and shipping information.

  • Honda Power Plant : GC 160
  • Hydraulic Top Drum Drive : STD
  • Ruff Top Belting : STD
  • Ruff Top Belting with 1" Cleats : OPT
  • Chain and Crossbar Transport : N/A
  • Width : 18"
  • Minimum Height : 5'4"
  • Maximum Height : 7'6''
  • Chip Separator : OPT
  • DOT Lights : OPT
  • Fenders : OPT
  • Runs Off Processor Hydraulics : OPT

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