Timber Tuff Timberjack (48

Timber Tuff Timberjack (48" Wooden Handle) TMB-55

Timber Tuff All-in-One Deluxe Adjustable Timber Jack

Timber Tuff All-in-One Deluxe Adjustable Timber Jack

Timber Tuff Timberjack (48" Fiberglass Handle) TMB-65

The Timber Tuff Fiberglass Handle Timber Jack is a functional logging tool designed for lifting logs to allow easy cutting. Its steel claw can accommodate logs with up to 16-inch diameter. By providing an elevation of 11 inchs, it keeps logs off the ground and prevent the chain saw from digging into the ground while trimming. This log lifter by Timber Tuff Tools features a fiberglass handle for superior strength and durability. It has overall length of 48 inches with 37-inch usable handle. Equipped with a removable bottom lift, the unit can turn into a conventional cant hook for rolling logs. It has powder-coat finish offering resistance against corrosion. All metal pieces have a power coated finish. Sturdy 2" diameter fiberglass handle has a rubber grip for comfort. Made in China.
Shipping Weight 18.5 lbs.

In stock
Overall length 48"
Usable Handle Length 37"
Log Capacity Handles logs up to 16" diameter
Weight 17 lbs.
1 Year Warranty
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