The Art of Felling Timber by Roy W Hauser (Complete Edition Book)

The Art of Felling Timber by Roy W Hauser (Complete Edition Book)

The Art of Felling Timber (Production) by Roy W Hauser (Abridged Version Book)

This book was designed to teach the felling team to work together, and to have a strong mutual understanding of critical decision-making within the felling team. It helps educate the Feller and spotter how to work as a team, and not as individuals, this guide will provide the felling team mutual communication skills. A training simulation program at the back of this book, using an artificial 2 dimensional chain saw and a number of fire weakened trees, template scenarios can be used. This will give the feller prior working knowledge on how to understand the safety rules and cutting procedure that would be used when faced with trees, fire weakened trees, and bucking situations. The number 1 rule of thumb is safety first for you and your fellow workers.

This is a 106 page abridged version of the complete guide, The Art of Felling Timber. This simplified workbook covers harvest tree production methods, to maximize the amount of lumber harvested.

Note The situations described in this book are not the only methods available. None of the material covered in this book should ever be attempted by any individual unless trained or thoroughly educated in tree felling, fire weakened tree felling, and the bucking process.
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