Teupen LEO 86SiC Insolated Tracked Spider Lift - 86SIC L86SIC0003

Teupen LEO 86SiC Insolated Tracked Spider Lift - 86SIC L86SIC0003

Teupen TC69A Tracked Spider Lift

The TC69A is the most versatile and broadly used machine among all CANOPY® models. The same core features which make this machine so appealing to the tree care industry apply to many other industry applications. It is easily transported behind a full size pick-up truck. Its tracked chassis proves versatile and non-damaging across sodded lawns or surfaces with fragile or sensitive pavers. The low machine weight is a major benefit in both reducing floor loading and improving mobility. Most importantly, its articulated boom design combined with the smooth computer enhanced, electric over hydraulic controls make the machine easy to operate and smooth in movements. The compact design is only 39"wide in transport mode. It has a reliable and comprehensive safety control system. Multi-position and automatic, self leveling outriggers and corner mounted 180 degree rotatable basket with 440lbs unrestricted capacity.

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Shipping Weight 6,592.0 lbs.

Please contact our Industrial Sales Group at 1-888-465-8227 for ordering and shipping information.

Working Height 74 ft 10 in (22.8 m)
Lateral Reach 36 ft 8 in (11.2 m)
Machine Width 3 ft 3 in (.98 m)
Machine Height 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Machine Weight 6,592 lbs (2,990kg)
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