Teufelberger epiCORD 10mm Friction Hitchcord - Per Foot

Teufelberger epiCORD 10mm Friction Hitchcord - Per Foot

Teufelberger epiCORD 8mm Friction Hitchcord - Per Foot

epiCORD is the latest hitchcord in the Teufelberger range. epiCORD has a nice tight cover of polyester and technora which gives it the necessary heat resistance but is flexible enough to let you tie hitches easily. The core of epiCORD is a blend of technora and dyneema braided in a special balance that allows your hitch to release when you need it to.

  • Standard: ANSI Z133-2012
  • Core: Technora / Dyneema
  • Cover: Polyester / Technora
  • Plait number: 32
  • Made in the USA
Shipping Weight 0.1 lbs.

Currently out of stock. More due to arrive soon. Order now to reserve yours.

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More Information
Rope Type Friction Hitch
WARNING: This product can be damaged when exposed to heat. When exposed to temperatures ≥ 70°C, it will sustain a relevant loss in breaking force. This can cause falls from a height, especially in the case of long descents. Therefore, never use epiCORD for rappelling from large heights. Users must assess for each individual case of use whether or not the product is suited for it. The rope must be stored at room temperature and must not be exposed to any heat sources.
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