Teufelberger 8mm HRC Friction Hitch Cord- Per Foot

Teufelberger 8mm HRC Friction Hitch Cord- Per Foot

Samson 1/2

Samson 1/2" Tenex Tec 12-Strand Bull Rope - Per Foot

Teufelberger 10mm Ocean Polyester Friction Hitch Cord - Per Foot

Oceans Polyester eye to eye friction hitch from Teufelberger. Eye to eye prusiks are a popular friction hitch for professional arborists. This prusik has two tightly sewn eyes, which fit snugly over many oval carabiners (fits a DMM Oval O perfectly), to keep everything nice and tidy. Ocean Polyester is made from a combination of Aramid and Polyester fibers for the sheath, with a polyester core, which give it great heat tolerance, high abrasion resistance, and nice gripping features. 10mm Ocean Polyester works best with 1/2" (12.7mm) climbing rope.

Recommended Uses: friction hitch for climbing, used with Pinto Pulley and carabiner for an adjustable safety lanyard.

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More Information
Rope Type Friction Hitch
  • Diameter 3/8" (10mm)
  • Cover Melting Point 480 F (250 C)
  • Rope Minimum Breaking Strength 7,400 lbs (3,300 kg)
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