Sterling RIT 8mm Eye to Eye Prusiks

Sterling RIT 8mm Eye to Eye Prusiks

HRC ThermaShield 8mm Eye to Eye Prusik 32

HRC ThermaShield 8mm Eye to Eye Prusik 32"

Teufelberger 1/2" Hi-Vee Single Eye Split Tail (Sewn Eye)

BHV12E1 5
Split tail from Teufelberger. This system allows a climber to ascend up a tree and redirect around limbs quickly and efficiently. Many climbers simply tie a short piece of rope to a snap and connect the split tail to their saddle, and away they go. This works fine, but for ultimate efficiency, a tightly spliced eye is the way to go. A splice is much stronger, plus a splice is much smaller than a knot, therefore much easier to redirect through limbs and crotches of trees. Split tails are made of New England Braided Safety Blue - High Vee Average breaking strength 7,000 lbs. Overall length of split tail is 5 ft. For complete instructions on this climbing system, be sure to get a copy of the Tree Climbers Companion.
Shipping Weight 1.4 lbs.

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  • Diameter: 1/2" (12.7mm)
  • Length: 60" (150cm)
  • Rope Minimum Breaking Strength: 5400 lbs
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