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Simington 451 C Square Chisel Chain Grinder With Stand

Simington 451 C Square Chisel Chain Grinder With Stand

ANAB X3 Automated Water Cooled Chain Grinder

ANAB X3 Automated Water Cooled Chain Grinder

T&S Professional Chain Grinder (3/4" Harvester Chain) with Stand

These T&S chain grinders are designed to professionally sharpen the big 3/4" pitch harvester chain (also known as Pond & Deck chain). The T&S CS118 chain grinder uses a large 8" diameter wheel, which allows for cooler grinding as compared to standard chain grinders with 5-3/4" wheels. The results are less burned cutters and a very fine finish. The CS118 chain grinder body is made from cast aluminum, while most components such as the chain vise are made from machined steel. The chain base is easily adjustable for wheel wear, and can be quickly swapped out for other pitches of chain. Comes with a 1/2hp variable speed DC motor, which allows you to adjust the wheel speed as the wheel wears. The CS118 chain grinder requires 120V AC electricity. Comes complete with grinding light, interchangeable 3/4" base, corundum dressing brick, a preshaped 5/16" grinding wheel, and steel stand, so you are ready to sharpen. T&S chain grinders are hand made in small runs, so deliveries can be slow if out of stock. Made in the U.S.A.
Shipping Weight 33.0 lbs.

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Power Input 120VAC, 60Hz
Motor Type Variable Speed 1/2HP DC
Wheel Diameter 8" (200mm)
Wheel Bore 1" (25.4mm)
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