Stihl OEM Spur Chain Sprocket (1/4

Stihl OEM Spur Chain Sprocket (1/4" x 8) for 021, 023, 025, MS 171, 181, 210-250 Chainsaws

Stihl OEM Spur Chain Sprocket (.404

Stihl OEM Spur Chain Sprocket (.404" x 7) for 084, 088, MS 780, MS 880 Chainsaws

Stihl OEM Spur Chain Sprocket with Worm Gear (3/8" Low Profile x 7) for 020, 020T, MS 200T Chainsaws

QS 1129 640 2050
OEM spur sprocket from Stihl. Spur chain sprockets are durable, economical, simple to use, and very popular. The chain driving portion of the sprocket and the clutch cup are fused together, so when it wears out, you need to replace the whole component. The economic design makes it popular for consumer chainsaws. This sprocket comes with the worm gear to match the spur sprocket. Spur sprockets do not come with bearings, and we recommend replacing the bearing for every 2 spur sprocket replacements.
Shipping Weight 0.1 lbs.

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OEM parts are new. They come from various sources.
Factory Shipped

In stock
Fits the following models:
  • Stihl 020*, 020 T*, MC 200*, MS 200*, MS 200 T*
  • Important Note *These saws have an oiler worm gear that must match the spur sprocket. So if you are changing the pitch or teeth count of the sprocket, you must also change the worm gear.
  • Pitch 3/8" Low Profile(Picco)
  • Teeth 7
  • Bore 13mm (0.5118)
  • Bearing 10mm x 13mm x 13mm

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