Stihl Spur Sprocket (3/8

Stihl Spur Sprocket (3/8" X 7) MS 190T 191T

Oregon Power Mate Rim Sprocket (.325

Oregon Power Mate Rim Sprocket (.325" x 8 Tooth) Small Spline 11891

Stihl OEM Rim Sprocket (MS7 Mini 7 Spline) .375" x 7 Tooth

QS 0000 642 1231
OEM rim sprocket from Stihl. Rim sprockets float on the splined hub of the drum and move side to side, allowing the chain and rim to align with the bar as the chain travels around the bar's groove. The rim gets most of the sprocket wear, and by being replaceable, it extends the overall life and value of the sprocket system.
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OEM parts are new. They come from various sources.

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Rim Specifications:
  • Pitch .375" (3/8")
  • Teeth 7
  • Spline Size Mini 7 Spline (MS7)*
  • Bore 17mm (11/16")
  • Diameter 35mm (1-3/8")
  • Important Note *MS7 Mini 7 Spline Rims have an interior diameter of approximately 11/16" (less the splines) and will only fit clutch drums with that diameter bore. Please check before ordering.

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