Oregon 16

Oregon 16" VersaCut Chainsaw Bar (60 Drive Links) 168VXLHK095

Oregon 16

Oregon 16" ControlCut Pro Chainsaw Bar (62 Drive Links) 163PXLBA074 for Stihl

Stihl 16" Rollomatic E Chainsaw Bar (60 DL) 3003 000 6313

QS 3003 000 6313
OEM chainsaw bar from Stihl. Stihl Rollomatic E sprockenose chainsaws bars come standard on most Stihl chainsaws. Bars are made of three steel plates that are electrically welded together. The center plate has been hollowed out to reduce weight. The nose sprocket is sealed to keep dirt and corrosive material out, therefor never needs to be greased. Rails are induction hardened for long life. This bar has relatively small nose radius which helps reduce the incident of kickback (green color coded bar) and reduces weight. See Warning Below.
This bar is specifically designed for the Logosol sawmill. The nose sprocket will only fit .375" low profile (Picco) saw chain.
Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs.

Bailey's is NOT an authorized STIHL Dealer.
OEM parts are new. They come from various sources.
Factory Shipped

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More Information
Length 16" (40cm)
Pitch 3/8" (.375) Low Profile
Gauge .050" (1.3mm)
Drive Link Count 60 Drive Links
Tooth Count 9 Teeth
Weight 1.45 lbs (0.66kg)
WARNING: The saw chain in this package is low kickback chain. It met with the reduced kickback requirements of ANSI B175.1 when tested on a representative sample of chainsaws. Its safety features significantly reduce the hazard of kickback while maintaining high cutting performance, ALL CUTTING CHAINS CAN KICKBACK, which may result in severe personal injury to the chainsaw operator or bystanders. Operate your chainsaw safely. Read all warnings in your chainsaw operator's manual.
This Item Fits the Following:

Stihl 024, 028, 030, 034, 038, 041, 044, 048, MS 291, MS 261, MS 461, MS 460 R, 026, 029, 032, 036, 039, 042, 046, 045, 056, 066, MS 440, MS 390, MS 361, MS 271, MS 640, MS 311, MS 341, MSE 220 Electric, 031, 040, E 15 Electric, 064, E 220 Electric, E 20 Electric, MS 661, MS 260, MS 270, MS 280, MS 290, MS 310, MS 340, MS 360, MS 362, MS 380, MS 391, MS 441, MS 460, MS 650, MS 660

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