Stihl 14

Stihl 14" 61PMM3 Chainsaw Chain Loop (3/8LP x .043) 52 Drive Links, 61PMM352

Oregon 16

Oregon 16" Chainsaw Chain Loop (95TXL 66 Drive Links) 95TXL066G

Stihl 12" 71PM3 Chainsaw Chain Loop (1/4 x .043) 64 Drive Links, 71PM364

STL 71PM364
Swiss made OEM chainsaw chain from Stihl. Stihl saw chain is made for the most demanding cutting conditions and is loaded with professional features. Stihl chain has Oilomatic drive link lubrication slots, which funnels oil directly to the rivet to reduce wear. Stihl chain is also pre-stretched at the factory, which helps eliminate excess adjustments during break in periods. 71PM3 is part of the Stihl Picco Micro 3 series. This chain has reduced kickback and low vibration features. 71PM3 is a narrow kerf (.043") low profile saw chain designed for lightweight chainsaws and pruning saws. The combination of reduced kickback and low vibration features with improved cutting and boring efficiencies make it a favorite of professional arborists.
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Length 12" (30cm)
Pitch 1/4" (.250)
Gauge .043" (1.1mm)
Drive Link Count 64 Drive Links
Cutter Type Semi-Chisel
Sequence Standard
Recommended File Size 3.0mm (1/8")
Recommended Saw Sizes 2.3-3.8 cubic inches (38-62cc)
Recommended Bar Lengths 10"-16"(25-40cm)
Kickback Reduction Features Single-Humped Drive Link
WARNING: The saw chain in this package is low kickback chain. It met with the reduced kickback requirements of ANSI B175.1 when tested on a representative sample of chainsaws. Its safety features significantly reduce the hazard of kickback while maintaining high cutting performance, ALL CUTTING CHAINS CAN KICKBACK, which may result in severe personal injury to the chainsaw operator or bystanders. Operate your chainsaw safely. Read all warnings in your chainsaw operator's manual.
This Item Fits the Following:

Olympyk (Oleo‑Mac) 240, 241, 244, 935
Stihl 010, 012, 017, 020, 023, 021, MSE 180 Electric, 025, MSE 140 Electric, MS 181, MS 192 T, 019 T, 018, 009, 015, MS 250, MS 241, MS 211, MS 171, 020 T, MSE 160 Electric, MSE 200 Electric, HT 70 Pole Pruner, MS 231, 011, E 10 Electric, HT 100 Pole Pruner, HT 130 Pole Pruner, HT 73 Pole Pruner, HT 56 Pole Pruner, MS 150 TC, MS 200, MS 201, E 14 Electric, E 140 Electric, E 160 Electric, E 180 Electric, HT 101 Pole Pruner, HT 131 Pole Pruner, HT 250 Pole Pruner, HT 75 Pole Pruner, HTE 60 Pole Pruner, MS 150, MS 170, MS 180, MS 190 T, MS 191 T, MS 200 T, MS 201 T, MS 210, MSA 200 Cordless, MS 230, MSA 160 Cordless, MS 251

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