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Bailey's SRT Climbing Kit

Bailey's SRT Climbing Kit

Speed Line Kit with 150' of Yale Buzz Line

Speed Line Kit with 150' of Yale Buzz Line

SRT Starter Kit

This SRT starter kit includes everything you need to begin climbing single line.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) DMM Ultra O Carabiners
  • (1) DMM Hitchclimber
  • (1) 30" 8mm Bee-line Prusik
  • (1) Double Stiff tether
  • (1) Singing Tree Rope Wrench
  • Use this kit as a starting point for your SRT system and add additional ascenders, descenders and tethers, to create a safe climbing system that best fits your local canopy and climbing techniques.

    Shipping Weight 4.2 lbs.

    Currently out of stock. More due to arrive soon. Order now to reserve yours.

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