Spencer 18

Spencer 18" Nylon Tape Repair End (No Numbers)

Spencer 75'/22M Refill (985Em)

Spencer 75'/22M Refill (985Em)

Spencer 15M Logger Tape Refill (Model 965MER) with Nail 65739

Replacement tape refill from Spencer. Spencer logger tapes and diameter tapes are often broken in the field due to twisting, kinking or cutting. Replacing them is a fairly simple process and can be done in the field with a small screwdriver. This refill comes with a quick release nail attached. Spencer logger tapes and refills are now manufactured by the U.S. Tape company.
Shipping Weight 0.4 lbs.

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Tape Refill Specifications:
  • Model: 965MER
  • Blade Length: 15M
  • Top Blade Marks: Meters/Centimeters
  • Bottom Blade Marks: Meters/Centimeters

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