Yale Wire Basket Carrier Fid - Bracing System

Yale Wire Basket Carrier Fid - Bracing System

Samson Small Splicing Pusher (1/4

Samson Small Splicing Pusher (1/4" To 1/2" Rope)

Sidekick Rope Retriever

The Sidekick rope retriever is an ingenious tool designed to assist tree climbers in positioning and reaching climbing lines even freeing small unsightly hangers. The Sidekick features 4 locking segments that extend to 9 feet long and collapses to just over 2 feet. Light enough at less than a pound, it can be attached to your saddle with a convenient clip. The tip of the Sidekick features a curved hook with a hard plastic tip to prevent snagging your climbing or rigging lines and won't straighten under a load as some other line retrievers.

Note: Do not carry or utilize this device near electrical lines. Device conducts electricity. Contact with wires may result in injury or death. NOT FOR BODILY SUPPORT!

Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs.

In stock
Constructed of durable high impact plastic and lightweight aluminum
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