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Samson 7/8

Samson 7/8" Stable Braid Double Braid Bull Rope

ArborMAX 3/4

ArborMAX 3/4" Double Braid Bull Rope

Samson 9/16" Stable Braid Double Braid Bull Rope

916SBY 150
916SBY 200
916SBY 600
Samson Stable Braid ropes are designed for demanding rigging situations. Stable Braid is a 100% polyester double braid rope. The core is made of braided polyester utilizing Samson's Duron fiber technology. The sheath is braided over the core using a tough and abrasion resistant polyester weave. This combination gives you a high strength, low stretch bull rope. Samson then puts a colored polyurethane "Samthane" coating on the rope that enhances snag and abrasion resistance and minimizes UV degradation.

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Shipping Weight 20.0 lbs.

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Shipping Weight 75.0 lbs.

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In stock
Rope Construction Double Braid (Class 1)
Diameter 9/16" (14mm)
Weight 11lbs/100ft (16.4kg/100m)
Specific Gravity 1.38
Average Breaking Strength 13,300lbs (6,000kg)
Work Load Limit (Spliced 5:1 ratio) 2,700lbs (1,200kg)
Elongation at 10% Average Breaking Strength 1.1%

Note: Because rope gets tight after being used, this splice can be very difficult to perform on used rope.

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