Polyester Sling (2-3/8

Polyester Sling (2-3/8" x 8' 3")

Rope Logic ANSI Arborist Crane Tie-In Point

Securely anchor your climbing line above the mechanical termination of your crane cable with double redundancy. Ultimate safety is provided by twin independent Sterling Tritech cut resistant lines, terminated to two ISC Steel Anchor Rings. Both strands are individually covered with chafe sleeve. Simply choke the two smaller rings through the large forged ring and tighten securely around the crane cable, above the mechanical termination. The two eyes on the large ring are stitched several inches from the ring, in order to allow the sling to choke tightly on a crane cable. Meets ANSI Z133 requirements for crane anchor.
Not for use on multi-part crane setups with running cables.

Shipping Weight 8.0 lbs.

Special Order Item
Ships in 7-10 Days
Expedited Shipping Unavailable

Standards ANSI Z133 REquirements for Crane Anchor
Material Steel
Strand Count Kernmantle
Tensile Strength 5,400 lbs. (24kN)
Product Type Ring Style
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