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Reverse-S Wheel For Carlton 7015 (Straight Shaft)

Reverse-S Wheel For Carlton 7015 (Straight Shaft)

Reverse-S Wheel For Vermeer 852

GRE RS 852
The Reverse S wheel is a highly efficient replacement stump grinder wheel from Green Manufacturing. The Reverse S wheel is designed to give high horsepower stump grinders a more efficient way of removing material. The Reverse S wheel utilizes a reverse spiral cutter configuration, which creates multiple cutting planes. These cutting planes create separation between the individual teeth on the wheel, significantly reducing the amount of cutters engaged in the stump at one time. The Reverse S wheel uses proven 900 Series Greenteeth pockets and teeth. Kit comes complete with all mounting hardware for your machine.
Shipping Weight 200.0 lbs.

Factory Shipped
Ships in 7-10 Days
Expedited Shipping Unavailable

Reverse-S Kits include:
  • Green Manufacturing Reverse-S Wheel Quantity 1
  • Greenteeth 900 Series Angled Pockets (900LP ANG) Quantity 24
  • Greenteeth 900 Series Straight Pockets (900LP STR) Quantity 4
  • Greenteeth 900 Series Reverse Pockets (900LP REV) Quantity 2
  • Greenteeth 900 Series Wearsharp Teeth (900WS2) Quantity 30
  • Greenteeth 2-1/2" LoPro Bolts (SMB 250) Quantity 12
  • Greenteeth 2-3/4" LoPro Bolts (SMB 275) Quantity 6
  • Greenteeth 3" LoPro Bolts (SMB 300) Quantity 12
  • Allen wrench Quantity 1
  • Mounting hardware specific to your make and model

This item fits the following:

Vermeer: SC 852 with 26 teeth (1-1/8" Wheel), SC 852 Self Propelled with 26 teeth (Option)
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