Rayco Super Tooth Set (24 Teeth) for 5/8

Rayco Super Tooth Set (24 Teeth) for 5/8" Wheel

Rayco Super Tooth Set (8 Teeth) for 3/8

Rayco Super Tooth Set (8 Teeth) for 3/8" Wheel

Rayco Super Tooth Stump Cutter Teeth (Counter Bored/Angled) 2933C

RST 2933C
Upgrade your old two piece stump cutter teeth to Rayco's new Super Tooth. The patented single-piece design tooth is made out of high-alloy steel and offers superior tooth support with less twisting, bending, and breaking. Rayco's new Super Tooth has a large mounting surface which virtually eliminates gouged cutter wheels, elongated bolt holes and all around cutter wheel wear associated with other cutters. Not only will you get greater service life out your grinder you'll see a definite increase in your grinders performance. There are 4 different types to match almost every manufacturers make and model. Don't forget to stock up on bolts and Green wheels when you are ordering teeth.
Shipping Weight 1.7 lbs.

In stock
  • GW 6 - 6" Green Wheel
  • GW 7 - 7" Green Wheel

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