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Champion Axe 32 In

Champion Axe 32 In

Precision Axes Razor One Handed Throwing Axe (2.75 lbs) with 24

Precision Axes Razor One Handed Throwing Axe (2.75 lbs) with 24" Hickory Handle CJS-3

Precision Axes Razor Junior Throwing Axe (2.0 lbs) with 23" Hickory Handle CJS-4

Precision Axes axes are handcrafted in the USA using state of the art technology. The axe heads are fabricated using plate steel, a CNC Plasma Cam and a MIG welder. All cutting edges are hardened and tempered and the axe heads are extremely durable. Razors have 6" bits, a 5/32" tension pin in place to secure the head to the handle and come with a 23" OAL American Hickory handle. These axes are the only competition throwing axes manufactured in North America that are fabricated using computer technology instead of using the traditional drop forged method. The standard double bit Razors meet all U.S. Axemen's Association, American Lumberjack Association and Can-Log regulations. Except the Razor Junior #PRE CJS4 (shown here).

The RAZOR JUNIOR is NON-REGULATION in size and weight. It weighs approx. 2lbs (total axe weight), has 5" bits and a 23" OAL American Hickory handle.

It is ideal for the up and coming thrower or for ages 12-15.

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  • Weight: 2 lbs.
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