Lift-All Tuflex Endless Round Sling (20') EN150

Lift-All Tuflex Endless Round Sling (20') EN150

Polyester Sling (2-3/8

Polyester Sling (2-3/8" x 8' 3")

Polyester Sling (2-3/8" x 9' 10-13/16")

PCA 1258
The slings fasten the winch or snatch block to a tree, without damaging the bark or cambium of anchor trees. The polyester sling will not stretch. It is very useful for lifting or used as a choker. Safe working load is 8,818 lb (4000 kg) when used basket style (i.e. when anchoring the winch), 3,527 lb (1600 kg) in choker style (i.e. when anchoring the corner block) or 4409 lb (2000 kg) when used straight line.
Shipping Weight 2.4 lbs.

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