Pferd Chain Sharp Filing Guide (7/32

Pferd Chain Sharp Filing Guide (7/32") 17049

Pferd Chain Sharp Filing Guide (3/16

Pferd Chain Sharp Filing Guide (3/16") 17062

Pferd Chain Sharp Filing Guide (5/32") 17050

The Pferd Chain Sharp filing guide allows you to sharpen your chain cutter and maintain the height of your depth gauge in one operation, without removing the chain from the bar. Built-in angles and guides ensure proper filing technique for easy, professional results regardless of experience level. The tool uses standard round files and a special depth gauge file. After the left teeth are sharpened, the files may be reversed to sharpen the right teeth. For this reason, avid filers may want to purchase two units. The height of the raker is maintained in proportion to tooth wear. Comes complete with one file and one depth gauge file, packaged in a plastic case, with full instructions. Works only on standard full comp chain (non skiptooth).
Shipping Weight 2.0 lbs.

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Diameter 5/32" (4mm)
Sharpens the following chainsaw chains:
5/32" Filing Guide:
Carlton N1C, N1C-BL, N4C, N4C-BL
Oregon 90VG, 91VG, 91VS, 91VX
Stihl 61PMN, 63PM, 63PM1
WoodlandPRO 30LP, 34LP

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