Weaver SO1952 Rope Bag for 150 feet of 1/2

Weaver SO1952 Rope Bag for 150 feet of 1/2" Rope

Weaver Ditty Bag 08-07133-BK

Weaver Ditty Bag 08-07133-BK

Petzl S47Y S Small ToolBag

With all the toys from Petzl, you need a place to stow them properly. This bag emblazoned with the Petzl logo allows tools to be organized during suspended work. The cordlock allows the pouch to be closed easily during transport or when moving about. Easily attaches easily to any harness in the Petzl AVAO line. The small bag is perfect for smaller tools (measuring tape, pencil, screws/nuts).

Large holds 2/3 gal (2.5 liters).

Shipping Weight 0.7 lbs.

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