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Logosol Timberjack 80 Cm

Logosol Timberjack 80 Cm

Peavey Mfg Timberjack (42" Wooden Handle)

Peavey Mfg has been making logging tools in Maine since 1857, a testimate to their quality and craftsmanship. The timberjack is essentially a modified cant hook. This is a great tool for linemen and chainsaw operators, as it will lift one end of a log or pole off the ground and hold it securely. The linemen will save time and toll maintenance by using the timberjack to hold the pole at a convenient height while it is being fitted with hardware. The chainsaw operator will find it safer to use the timberjack when sawing logs. It will raise the log off the ground to help prevent chain damage, pinching and kickback. Timberjacks come with a 2-3/8" diameter hardwood handle.
Shipping Weight 11.0 lbs.

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